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Many of you know John R. Mays as "Professor Mays" and for good reason.  Here is a brief CV of his professional life and accomplishments. 


 John was academically ranked as a Full-Time Professor since August of 1977. 


His Degrees with fields, institutions and dates are as follows:


  Ph.D.   Civil Engineering,  University of Colorado,  1967

  M.S.   Civil Engineering,  University of Colorado,  1960

  B.S.      Civil Engineering,  Lamar University,     1955



With over 32 years service with the the University of Colorado, he began his appointment in August of 1967. 

He was promoted to Professor in August of 1976 and helped chair the department for several years.


 Although teaching was his primary expertise, he had significant experience in various non-academic realms.  This included over 20 years (from   1/76-7/96) as a Structural engineer with the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation in Denver, Colorado (Part Time)


And before his years at the University of Colorado, he was an instructor  - and - Associate Professor from 1/55-8/67 with the Department of Civil Engineering at Lamar University


Consulting, patents, etc.:


       Jacques & Aswad, Inc., 1998 - present


State(s) in which registered:


  Colorado – License #14938


Principal publications of the last few years as a professor:



"Temperature Effects on Cellular Rigid Pavement Compared to Flat Slabs", John K. Bright and John R. Mays, Journal of Transportation Engineering, The American Society of Civil Engineers, March/April 1997, Vol. 123 No. 2, pp 142-147.



 "Cellular Rigid Pavement", John K. Bright and John R. Mays, Journal of Transportation Engineering   The American Society of Civil Engineers, Sept/Oct 1996, Vol. 122 No. 5, pp 381-387.



"Stress Analysis in Original Masonry during Construction and Grouting of the Modification to Theodore Roosevelt Dam", Technical Memorandum  #TRD-8110-FD-95-1 for U. S. Bureau of Reclamation.


"Effect of Vertical Contraction Joints in Concrete Arch Dams", An International Journal for Computers and Structures, Vol. 47, No. 4/5, June 3, 1993, pp. 615-627.


Member of These Scientific and professional societies:

  American Society of Civil Engineers

  American Society for Engineering Educators

  Chi Epsilon


Honors and awards:


1997  Received the Excellence in Service Award from the College of Engineering and Applied Science in the spring of 1997.


         1994  Special Act Award from Bureau of Reclamation for outstanding work on final modification plans for Theodore Roosevelt Dam.  


         1989  President's Teaching Scholar (the highest teaching honor that the four-campus university system awards).  Selected as one of the fifteen initial scholars (four campuses) for this program that began in 1989. 


Subjects or courses taught during the academic year, by terms:


Fall 1998

CE 3121   Mechanics of Materials  3 hrs, lecture, day

CE 3505  Structural Analysis  3 hrs, lecture, evening

CE 5514  Matrix Analysis of Structures  3 hrs, lecture, evening (graduate)


Spring 1999

CE 3505  Structural Analysis  3 hrs, lecture, evening

CE 5515  Finite Element Analysis  3 hrs, lecture, evening (graduate)


Other assigned duties performed during the academic year, with average hours per week.  Indicate which carry extra compensation:


  Advising, 2 graduate students, 2 hours per week

  Advise undergraduate students, 3 hours per week

 Trained new coordinator for TEAMS contest for high school students, 1 hour per week


 Specific programs in which faculty member has participated to improve teaching and professional competence during last five years:


  Department Teaching Committee, 1998-99

  Participated in several activities sponsored by President's Teaching Scholars, 1994-99.

  Wrote complete course for CE2121 (Statics) for Internet presentation, 1997-98.

His Honors Continued Well Past Retirement

Before his passing, we were notified by the University that a scholarship and Endowment program had been created in his honor.    It is easier to quote the notice than to explain the award.  

The Dr. John R. Mays Endowed Scholarship Fund in Civil Engineering was established to honor Dr. John R. Mays who served as professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado from 1967 until 2002.  As a gifted instructor Dr. Mays not only taught many of the principles of static and dynamic design and analyses of simple and advanced structures, but he also demonstrated through his daily interactions with his students the principles of living with integrity, honor, and dignity as required in the Code of Ethics of Engineers.

Dr. John R. Mays was a professor and academic advisor to the former Melissa Eckley and she and her late husband Dave had the honorand privilege of working with Dr. Mays for many years at the Bureau of Reclamation.  Melissa is pleased to contribute to promising civil engineering students enrolled in the College of Engineering, Design and Computing  by establishing this scholarship in his name.

We are pleased to announce this honor and if you are able, please donate to this fund to help keep the legacy of Dr. Mays alive and well for future generations of engineers.

John R. Mays